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   It is planned to carry out a Big Spring Clean in the Parish
                   Church on Saturday 18th March.

Lots of helpers, men, ladies and young people will be needed.
    The Church will be open from 9.30am until 2.30pm and
          guidance will be given on the work to be done.
                      Cleaning materials provided.

 If you have ever sat in church and noticed dust or cobwebs,
              now is YOUR chance to get rid of them!

            Please come in for an hour or so to help by
                    dusting, polishing, mending etc!

  The regular cleaning teams do a great job in a limited time
          each week but we need to get into the corners,
            behind the pipes and up to the windowsills.
              There is a list in the Parish Church Office
          so please sign up and help to get the job done.

  Further information from the Office or Elizabeth Baxendine
                              (01753 882792).

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